Gambit #17 Cover

Gambit #17 Preview Cover

Gambit #17 Cover


• Gambit’s latest solo series reaches its climactic conclusion!
• Torn between his separate lives – mutant hero and master thief – Gambit is forced to make a choice between the two, with major consequences for what comes next!
• But he better make his choice fast – because he’s trapped at the center of a deadly super-villain riot! (And a few of them may have scores to settle with Gambit himself.)
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

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Gambit #10 is due to be released march 27 and so the Gambit Comics 2012 gallery has been updated with the covers of #10, #11, and #14 and their respective preview pages. This gallery also has undergone some updates of pages that were not online at the last update.

On December 29, 2012, James Asmus (writer of the Gambit solo series) had an exclusive interview with members of the Gambit Guild (.com) forum. I recommend reading it, since there is interesting information regarding the whole comic series. Read it here!

First look: Gambit #5!

While Gambit #4 is due for release on October 24, a first look of the pages of Gambit #5 have been released.

James Asmus also gave us a little news on twitter:

Q: “Is there any info on how many issues the Gambit series is going to be? Or is that dependable on the sales?”

A: “It’s an ongoing – so ultimately that does depend on sales. But they have been good enough that I’m plotting #12 now.”

Let’s hope this series is going to be a lot more than just 12 issues!

Images of the Gambit solo

It’s been a while, but I just didn’t have the time to keep up to date. The new Gambit comic series has been launched in August. Gambit #1 and #2 have been released already and #3 is due for release on September 26.

So what’s new? Mostly new images in the Image Gallery, from the new Gambit comic series.

– Pages from Gambit #1
– Pages from Gambit #2
– Pages from Gambit #3
– Cover from Gambit #4
– Cover from Gambit #5 (or #6)
– Cover from Gambit #7

So, check it out!

Also, there’s a nice little gift James Asmus left us fans on Twitter. Click on the next icon to view. Special Gambit drawing by Clay Mann

New Gambit comic series!

On april 10 a teaser appeared on the Marvel website with a new series with our man Gambit as the leading man.

April 15 the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (a.k.a. C2E2) was held and there was a new cover and the following information about the series: (

“Asmus will write the teased “Gambit” ongoing series with artist Clay Mann starting in August. “This book focuses on the two most important aspects of Gambit: #1 that he’s sexy, and #2 that he’s the preeminent bad ass thief of the Marvel Universe,” the writer said. He explained that the book will feature Gambit broken away from the X-Men, stealing wild items from across the Marvel U in locations like space, places with Kirby monsters and more. “It lets us refresh and do new things with the crime capers involving our classic bad ass.” He also joked that “We got rid of the head sock” in describing Mann’s art as “Sexy.”

Overall, the book will build a “dangerous series of events” that pull Gambit into a “territory of mixed morality.” Asmus also noted that he wanted to make the book as accessible for everyone including fans of the ’90s “X-Men” cartoon and longtime readers who have been asking for Gambit to return in a major way.

Editor Ketchum said that he didn’t want to revisit the same stories that have been told with Gambit a thousand times with Bella Donna and the Thieves Guild in New Orleans. Instead, this will be like a Gambit movie that reintroduces the character in an all-new way.”

On the Gambit book, Asmus responded to questions of X-23 or Rogue appearing by saying that “We’ll be building a supporting cast around him” again highlighting the idea that this is new-reader friendly so all elements must be introduced in their own time so anyone can follow them, but that Rogue will appear over the course of the story, of course.”

To be continued…? Most definitely!

Gambit in Marvel Top 10 Bad Boys

In Marvel’s Top 10 of rogues and rebels who have scored a special place in our hearts Gambit scored number 10.

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #266 (1990)
Why He Makes the List: Each new decade has bred a new handsome stranger with questionable motivations among the X-Men, and since 1990, Gambit has fit the bill. He’s suave and charming with that accent and smile, plus he’s got cool powers and knows how to fight, but Remy LeBeau is a thief through and through, be it of valuables or girl’s hearts. He’s not easy to trust, but Gambit has proven one of the more beloved of Marvel’s many mutants to come along in quite some time.
Spotlight Comic: GAMBIT #10 (2005)-Remy attempts a daring heist from right under his X-Men teammates’ noses!

Source: Marvel News

Additions: Fan Art & Fans

And there’s some new images in the Gallery. All fan art. Go check them out. Also there have been quite some new members applying. Keep them coming. I appreciate all the love and support for our favourite Cajun thief and the actor Taylor Kitsch.


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