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Gambit gets a fan film!

It’s no secret Gambit has a huge fan base and is one of the most anticipated X-Men character to get his own film. There has been news a few years ago that they were developing a Gambit film, with actor Channing Tatum as the Ragin’ Cajun. But, unfortunately, due to numerous setbacks, changing directors, moving back release dates, this never went any further than a concept, even with Channing putting effort in it. After Disney acquired Fox and took stock of the Fox properties, they made the decision to officially shelve the Gambit film.

On June 26, however, a Gambit fan film was released, with Nick Bateman as Gambit, and oh boy, did this do Gambit justice! With over 3.3 million views, this just has to give a message to Disney/Fox. There is huge demand for a Gambit film.

Watch the unofficial film below: Gambit – Play For Keeps.