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Gambit in Marvel Top 10 Bad Boys

In Marvel’s Top 10 of rogues and rebels who have scored a special place in our hearts Gambit scored number 10.

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #266 (1990)
Why He Makes the List: Each new decade has bred a new handsome stranger with questionable motivations among the X-Men, and since 1990, Gambit has fit the bill. He’s suave and charming with that accent and smile, plus he’s got cool powers and knows how to fight, but Remy LeBeau is a thief through and through, be it of valuables or girl’s hearts. He’s not easy to trust, but Gambit has proven one of the more beloved of Marvel’s many mutants to come along in quite some time.
Spotlight Comic: GAMBIT #10 (2005)-Remy attempts a daring heist from right under his X-Men teammates’ noses!

Source: Marvel News